A Fabulous Fourth of July, 2020 including a speech from my Soapbox

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When I say I had a fabulous Fourth of July, I am speaking the truth! I stayed home and watched a two ‘classic’ patriotic movies while watching massive fireworks outside my window. The movies were patriotic in that I felt proud when they ended with crowds of soldiers marching off to war while singing “Over There,” “You’re in the Army Now,” or “God Bless America.” Sadly, those days are gone for a lot of us. This is affecting our young adults and young children and they don’t care.

Our patriotic days have now been replaced by scorn, spite, ignorance, and violence to anyone who disagrees. That is NOT the country I grew up in- nor the vast majority of the USA.

My parents and the grandparents of my generation fought two World Wars, and were proud of our country. They didn’t want to go- the brutality was immense in both- but they knew they had to in order to protect our freedom and our Republic. Did they all fight and sacrifice in vain? I can’t bring myself to believe that- yet.

Today, I see nothing but hatred for the country that has given us so much. Everyone is equally biased to some degree, no matter who you are. But we should try to make our stand peacefully, not violently. We aren’t in war-torn Europe during World Wars 1 and 2, Korea or Vietnam. This is FREE America and we all have the equal right and the opportunity to our own beliefs and dreams. I will not watch the news- any part of it. These millionaires are mostly to blame for our unfortunate situation as they run with the stories of the strife and pain of the suffering.

I have held back for so long. But after thinking back to the way my parents had to give up their dreams and grow up too fast, I am reminded daily of how fortunate we are to live in this country. I felt the need to express myself- even if I might be the lone reader of this blog.

The movies mentioned above:

Irving Berlin’s “This is the Army” an All-Star WWII Classic (1943) starring our 40th President of the United States Lt. Ronald Reagan A must-see

“Yankee Doodle Dandy” (1942) starring James Cagney / playing on Turner Classic Movies this month

Both Available on Amazon Prime TV

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3 thoughts on “A Fabulous Fourth of July, 2020 including a speech from my Soapbox”

  1. I pray that we are not alone when it comes to such feelings, and I have to remind myself that the thugs and criminals on the rampage represent but a tiny sliver of the population. That said, it’s time for the rest of us to speak up. Dissent is fine. Rioting is not. I won’t weep for looters shot while looting.


  2. I am a 78 year old man. I don’t know how we went so wrong with our current generation. My kids and their off spring seem ok, but the 20 and 30 year old’s seem from another world. The nonsense in the Pacific NW is ridiculous. I used to enjoy visiting Oregon and Washington but I won’t go there anymore. I enjoy reading your books and am looking forward to your next one.


    1. Thank you, Robert! I appreciate your kind and knowledgeable words. I hope and pray our country will survive all the hate and violence.
      We have persevered for generations and I think we will again. Regards, Judith McManus


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