I get by with plenty of help from my friends…

My new book, VENICE, by my alter ego, Jaye Burke, has now entered the production phase. There are so many hours involved when writing and publishing a novel you really believe in. It has taken almost a year to perfect Venice Arial and Etienne Armand whose stories I have so carefully and lovingly brought to life. However, my work is just beginning.

Now that the easy part is finished, getting VENICE into the hands of other historical fiction nuts like myself is a tedious and time consuming task. The effort involved is not for for the weak computer illiterate, but for the strong tech savvy. I am certainly not a computer geek, but I can hold my own when it comes to my story’s creation and designing the cover. However, I know when to stop the presses of my creative mind and bring in the professionals to make my novel the best that it can be.

Some of the most treasured words I hear are ones from my friends in our writing critique group I call “The Magnificent Eight.” I take their words of criticism and praise very seriously. I hope my words to them are just as helpful. The insight and vast experience from the military men in the group gave me the tools I needed when developing Etienne Armand’s character and his World War I experiences.

VENICE is the best you’ve written,” said one of my first readers and friend. BH is one I can count on to mark up my drafts in red without regret before I send them off to the editor- and I appreciate her kind words.

I hope you’ll read Venice. If you are a fan of Rhys Bowen, Kristin Hannah, Nancy Bilyeau, or Amy Harmon, you will revel in this story of love, the brutality of The Great War, extreme deception, and how a young woman will again believe in the power of forgiveness.

It’s a moving story and you might cry, but I hope they will be happy tears.

Available for pre-order now. Release date July 1, 2020 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YK3KD1Q

Until next time.


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