Staying in my little corner of the world…

Since my mere existence is now spent inside my house- social distancing and pollen distancing, my new novel is complete, and the next one (a revision) is in the beginning stages. I’ve been staring into a computer for the last 28 days straight. Therefore, my eyesight is failing, I’ve gained XXXXX pounds since I snack all day, and the only energy I have left is in my fingertips.

However, I am NOT complaining. In my new book, VENICE, part of the story is set during the years 1917-1919 when the brutality of WWI and the Spanish Flu pandemic gripped the entire world. There were more deaths worldwide from the epidemic than the war itself. How ironic that I began writing this book last September and how the situation is so eerily similar.

I’ve done major research on the Edwardian era of 100 years ago, and I realize how lucky we are today as a nation. During that pandemic, our citizens had no television, no shopping via internet, and the only ‘work from home’ was the daily household grind by the women of the time. There were no groceries readily available unless you lived on a farm. Otherwise (if there was employment and money to spend), one had to enter the population (staying less than three feet apart was next to impossible), take public transportation, drag the children along, and come home carrying a few groceries and the flu ( la grippe). Entire families were wiped out with that pandemic, even with masks and shutdowns. There was no media at that time to extend warnings except the newspaper, and as it is today, there is no cure.

So, what we have is a serious situation, but we can thank our lucky stars that the year is 2020- not 1918. As long as I’m furloughed, I’ll continue to write my stories accompanied by a mimosa or two, talk to my children every day, and be thankful for my husband and our little corner of the world.

Until next time,

JAYE / Judy

5 thoughts on “Staying in my little corner of the world…”

    1. Good morning Judy!
      I would like to read all your books from the first one to the most recent. Is it Venice, The Image of Rachel Claire and then Glamour Girl? Also, where can I purchase them?

      Can’t wait to get started reading them!
      Kathy Cunningham Acker


      1. Hi Kathy!
        The only one currently available is “THE IMAGE OF RACHEL CLAIR.”
        VENICE and GLAMOUR GIRL are available to pre-order. Click on the images featured on my website and you will be linked to the Amazon page. I write under two names, so don’t let that confuse you.
        Let me know if you have a problem and I’ll make sure you receive one ( or all).


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