Short promo brings “Rachel Clair” to #1

Hi, my book-loving friends!

Between working and writing (I feel writing IS working), I decided to offer a FREE promotion on Amazon for my novel, “The Image of Rachel Clair” by Judith M. McManus. Promotions DO work! Now #1 in one category, and in the top 25 in two more popular genres, my gamble worked to my advantage. So, if you’re looking for a cozy historical crime/romance-mystery, take advantage of a free e-book! It’s only for a limited time.

To my dear writing friends, try it! I know some will say, “Advertising doesn’t pay-off” but it really does. It helps to get more readers interested in your books and know your name while looking forward to your next offering.

On another note- my alter-ego, JAYE BURKE, is working on VENICE”, a novel now available to pre-order in the KINDLE STORE, already moving up in the ranks for “Historical French Fiction”.

I hope everyone has a great year planned and HAPPY READING!!

Until next time,


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