A writer? Bestseller rankings confirm it

When I think of myself as a writer, I laugh out loud. Never did I think I could put words together to make a story that readers would want to read. Now that my second book has been turned in to the editor, my work on that one is just beginning. Planning the pre-order push, the marketing, and publicity is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the idiots that think spending money will do the trick. When I say publicity, that only means to get the word out. Being an indie author means doing my homework, take every marketing course out there, and learning the secrets of Amazon ranking and figuring out how to get reviews when my readers have no idea how to post one. Pushing that aside, I enjoy writing my historical yarns and hope they will be read by ones who like to drift back in time every so often.

My first try at novel writing focused on my own experiences and the tragic story of my mother. I worried the memories would ruffle a few feathers, but when the novel made the bestseller list for three categories, I realized no one put two and two together, and the time spent online courses from experts in the indie field paid off. The minimal money I spent on courses defined the best way to snake around the big machine of traditional publishers and Amazon Marketing. I put my novel in the ranks of the big guys, and I couldn’t have made better choices.

I’ve met wonderful writers in my quest for writing and pay tribute to them. My critique group never holds back, and each member gives upfront criticism. Thank you! How else would I learn how to take snipes and feel good about them?

In August, book one of the “Southern Romance Mystery“ series will commence and I find my life has a new path outside of the thirty years of flowers and design. Now, I design the lives of others, but only in my fully researched and far fetched stories from the past. A past I feel I belong to and love to recreate for others.

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