A new year- a new novel series

Happy 2019!

2018 proved to be an unforgettable year for me. I published my first novel in three editions. “The Music of Her Life” has 5-star reviews and I thank you so much!  I hope everyone else who read it or listened will submit a review on Amazon.com or Audible.com. I know a lot of you are out there. Thank you in advance!

I’m now considered a homebody by my family (excuse me?), since the time I spend as a ‘shut-in’ is filled with creating and planning my new novel series, “Novels from the Old South.”  The first novel of three in the series, “The Image of Rachel Clair”, is set in an old resort town in St. Clair County, Alabama.

A short description:

“Cook Springs, Alabama, 1905. Rachel Irene Clair is fifteen, lovely, but extremely naïve. Her closest friend, Lolly Hanes, could talk her into anything, especially after secretly watching their handsome seventeen-year-old classmate, Ned McClure, swim naked in Cane Creek.

When Ned and his parents are forced to move away from their beloved “Serenity Farm” and Cook Springs in disgrace, Rachel couldn’t forget Ned and the vision of his bare perfection.

After two years, in 1907, Rachel’s father, Noble Clair, hires four transient farmhands for the fall harvest and her simple rural farm life turns into tragedy. The small, quiet Alabama resort community is now the center of cruel gossip and innuendo while “Serenity Farm” becomes a haunting reminder of deception and heartbreak.”

I seem to be drawn to this era in history and its general location since my ancestors settled this area of north central Alabama. Known as the Alabama Pioneers, their stories resonate with me and I want to rekindle the stories they left behind. “The Image of Rachel Clair” is fiction, but much of the storyline is based on a true story.

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