It’s time to pack my bags…

Now that the Audible version of The Music of Her Life is in production, I can officially take a little time away from my first novel and concentrate on my second.

Even if you’ve read “Music”, you can’t miss the Audible version. It will include actual recordings from Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, and Dick Haymes singing an unforgettable love song my father dedicated to my mother, Virginia. Listening to the actual music will take you back to the Big Band Era and place you in the Terrace Ballroom in the Tutwiler Hotel, the Blue Room in the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, and the old Pickwick Club in Birmingham.

The Audible version of The Music of Her Life will be available in mid-December.

Again, my bags are packed and I’ll be traveling this week to a very small town in Alabama which is the setting for my next book. The locale and setting of a novel play such a pertinent part of the story and must be described in a way that mentally places the reader there.

My next novel, The Image of Rachel Clair, will be set in the aforementioned small Alabama town I’ve wanted to visit many times on my way to my hometown of Birmingham. The research of the area will begin there and where it ends is unclear, but I look forward to a town frozen in time, where the archives are waiting to be dusted off, and its history is yearning to be brought back to life.

This new adventure will delve into the life of one young girl; her parents, two men in her life, strange tragedy, and the paranormal. I’m ready to dig up more information and begin the story of the girl whose life was taken away so young and how the ones so close to her could never let her go.


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