Which Road to Take?

Now that the holidays are approaching, I wonder which road to take on my journey to the next novel. Should I take the road and bury myself in the new story waiting to emerge, continue my designing career, or stand at the crossroads of my everyday life and not change a thing? If I decide to take one of the paths, will it be considered the “high” road or the “low” road?

My creative mind is constantly trying to sort out the priorities. Which should I choose? Should I stay in place with my daytime job of constant glitter and design or move toward quiet days of listening to beautiful outdoor sounds while thinking back and writing about a simpler place and time (my favorite)?

However, my new novel is constantly calling out to me. “It’s time to get started. Don’t wait,” it says. “Your heroine’s story needs to be told.” And I believe that inner voice is right.

 I also wade in a pool of creativity filled with flowers, glitter, year-round holiday decor, and a laugh a minute with my beloved co-workers. This calls to me as well. “You love being a designer. You love the interaction with your buddies. Why would you ever consider giving this up after a multitude of years and listen to nothing but quiet or the clicking of a keyboard?” This inner voice has a valid point.

Starting out after college as an intern then a permanent member of the staff in “The Birmingham News” advertising art department allowed me to begin my professional creative career which would be filled with numerous choices. From advertising artist to writing my first novel, the years in-between provided my right-brained creativity to open a Pandora’s box full of paths to take. 

In my case, though, my inner voices go hand in hand and will continue to stand with me at the crossroads and I will change nothing.

As I look to the future, I envision myself decorating our showroom at the Merchandise Mart on a 10 ft ladder holding the latest laptop in one hand, flowers in the other, and my walker patiently waiting at the bottom.

Until next time,


“…One can create anything, anytime, anywhere as long as the passion for it is strong.”  JM










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