Follow me on my journeys to the past…


I love history. There, I said it. Most people are bored with it but I, on the other hand, am fascinated.
If I’d paid more attention in high school to the long, boring history lessons and taken the textbooks and assignments seriously, I would’ve majored in the subject.
My late aunt, Mattie Lou Teague Crow, was an accomplished Alabama historian, and our family genealogy and her published historical accounts of the Late Modern Period (1801-1945) ignited the passion I have for that era of history. That remarkable era brought major conflicts and substantial change in the US and the world. There were great attainments accompanied by heartbreaking situations, and all circumstances, good and bad, molded each and every one of our lives. I don’t have to tell you what they are, but my novels will go into detail about some of them.

My first novel, “The Music of Her Life”, delves into the lives of the Johannsen family in the southern industrial city of Birmingham, Alabama. The story begins in 1917 and chronicles the lives of Dr. WB and Lucy Johannsen and their four children, most notably their only daughter, Virginia. She lived a life full of music, dancing, and great love with tragic consequences. Virginia confronted the home front devastation during WWII as a way of life, but the war and its aftermath caused great happiness to turn into overwhelming heartbreak.

~Judith M.


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